SYM-08: Health Informatics


Shyh-Hau Wang1,2, Kuo-Sheng Cheng1,2, Cheng-Ping Lai2

1National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan;
2National Cheng Kung Hospital, Taiwan

In accompanying with the fast development of information and communication technology (ICT), most of hospitals in the world has transformed the use of written paper patient record into electronic patient record (EPR). Similar to those developed countries, it took three stages of efforts for Taiwanese hospitals to thoroughly achieve the development of EPR. Furthermore, following both the introduction of National Health Insurance (NHI) in 1995 and the deployment of fast wideband internet service, current health informatics tends to cover so tremendous varieties of information to be conveyed among diagnostic room, examining room, insurance providers, equipment providers, and others. With the availability of EPR and internet, the medical database becomes almost free of boundary between satellite and main hospital of NCKU. The telemedicine also is feasible and practicable. Nevertheless, the sharing of medical informatics to all of medical centers, hospitals or healthcare providers nationwide are still not fully available even though the infrastructure of cloud storage and computation is so well-developed. On the other hand, more efforts are undergoing to analyze the big data of the 20 years’ medical record stored in Taiwanese National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare. Along with fast developments in wearable, Internet-of-Things (IoT), and robotic technologies, the health informatics in Taiwan certainly will be moved toward intelligent medicine in which it will not only be able to strengthen the establishment of whole health system to shorten variations of medical services between large cities and remote areas, but also hopefully be capable of connecting into all of healthcare system in the world. The process of current development of health informatics at NCKU hospital will be summarized and that of the future planning will also be introduced.

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