A4: Computational Bioengineering III


David Elad

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Most biological flows represent the problem of fluidstructure interaction (FSI) in which a moving fluid (internal or external) interacts with a structure that undergoes deformations due to the fluid pressures, and vice versa. This is a complex problem that requires simultaneous solution of the time-dependent equilibrium equations for the fluid and the structure, together with constitutive equations, and boundary and initial conditions. It is a complex problem for computer simulations that can nowadays be utilized with sophisticated commercial software and huge computing power. In this presentation we will demonstrate a three-dimensional (3D) computational model of infant feeding on the breast or man-made nipples designed to analyze mechanisms of milk extraction during bottle- or breast-feeding. In another example we developed a 3D model of the tubular embryonic heart of the chick in order to explore the pumping mechanism before development of the valves. The presentation will concentrate on modeling problems which prohibit direct mimicking of biological effects.

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