SYM-16: Bioelectronic Devices


Minkyu Je

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea

Many factors such as extended average life span, prevailing obesity, and globally aging population are increasing the healthcare cost dramatically. Recent advances in semiconductor technologies, as well as innovations in IC design techniques, have led to microsystems with sensing and processing capabilities that can supplement, improve, or even entirely replace, traditional biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Integrated biomedical solutions based on IC technologies can offer extremely effective ways of timely diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases at very low cost never seen before.
In this talk, it will be presented how IC technologies and integrated microsystems enable emerging biomedical applications such as life-saving/changing miniature medical devices, surgical procedures with less invasiveness and morbidity, low-cost preventive healthcare solutions in daily life, effective chronic disease management, point-of-care diagnosis for early disease detection, high-throughput bio sequencing and screening for new discovery, and groundbreaking brain-machine interface from deep understanding of human intelligence. It will be also shown that the vital role of the IC technology in biomedical microsystems is providing seamless interface to various sensors and actuators, high-efficiency operation with various energy sources (especially, renewable ones), highlevel integration and miniaturization, embedded intelligence, and connectivity.

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