SYM-08: Health Informatics


Kang Ping Lin1, Mei Fen Chen1, Cheng-Lung Tsai2, Tsiar Kao1, Young-Xin Chen1

1Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan;
2Metropolitan University

“Medical device safety” is an important issue in the medical care service system, especially in hospitals. Well-functioning medical devices could help physicians to make solid diagnose and treatment plan. The web-based medical device event education system for clinical engineer is an information collecting and education system based on repairing and maintenance medical device events. Functions of this web-based system included in-hospital experience of dealing with medical devices event collecting, level of event classification, event review by expert, event analytical reporting and self-learning from reports in database. This web-based system is a member limited web system; only hospital staff will be able to apply for membership. This web-based system provide a platform that clinical engineer could learn from analytical reports of medical device realistic events. As a result, the clinical engineer’s problem solving ability could be improved and medical device safety in-hospital can be increased simultaneously.

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