Taiji Adachi

Kyoto University

Taiji Adachi is Professor at Department of Biomechanics and Associate Director of the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University, with appointments as Professor at the Department of Micro Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, and in the Graduate Schools of Medicine and Biostudies, Kyoto University.

He has been conducting research on multiscale biomechanics of bone functional adaptation by remodeling that has mechanical hierarchy in structure-function relationships from the macroscopic organ/tissues levels to the microscopic cell/molecular levels. In the last decade, focusing on the interactions between mechanical and biochemical factors that are essential for the dynamical cellular and molecular activities, he has been conducting researches on multicellular tissue morphogenesis as well bone adaptation. In these researches, he has been interested in how locally generated mechanical forces and their feedback result in the macroscopic regulation of tissue/organ shapes, and how such multiscale approach based on modeling and simulation allows us to explore the roles of mechanical forces in determining the organ-level functional shapes.

He received his BS (1990) in Mechanical Engineering at Kobe University, MS (1992) and PhD (1997) at Osaka University. He joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering as Research Associate at Kobe University in 1992, worked as Research Fellow at the Orthopaedic Research Laboratory at the University of Michigan from 1997 to 1999. He joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering as Associate Professor at Kyoto University in 2004, and was promoted to Professor in 2010 at the Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences. Since 2013, he has been Associate Director of the Institute.

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