Ahn Jong Hyun

Yonsei University

Jong-Hyun Ahn holds Underwood distinguished professor at Yonsei University, Korea. He has worked as a director of the Center for strain engineered electronic devices, supported by National Research Foundation of Korea and an associate editor of NPG Asia Materials. His research includes fundamental and applied aspects of nanomaterials and fabrication for flexible and stretchable electronic devices, and recent interest focuses on 2D material based wearable electronics with an emphasis on bio-applications. Jong-Hyun Ahn has authored more than 150 papers, and is an inventor of more than 60 patents and has received numerous scientific awards, including the National Young Scientist Award and the IEEE George Smith Award.

Homepage: http://graphene.yonsei.ac.kr/index.htm 

Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=vT6MPyIAAAAJ&hl=en

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