E1: Telemedicine & Healthcare


Agung Setiawan1, Astri Handayani1, Yana Raharja2, Richard Mengko1

1Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia;
2Qimtronics, Indonesia

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Indonesia (37% of the total number of deaths, WHO Non-Communicable Disease Country Profile, 2014). In 2014, 31% of this caused by coronary heart disease. In the treatment of coronary heart disease, there is golden hour, a period of 1 hour since the emergence of a heart attack in which medical interventions during this period can significantly affect the cure rate, life expectancy, and quality of life of patients. In conventional procedures, the patient treatment started in the emergency department of a hospital. Due to the distance and time to reach the emergency room, it provides delay time which reduces the effective period of the golden hour. US, Europe, and Japan began to introduce the concept of pre-hospital diagnostics for heart disease. Pre-hospital ECG to be very relevant to the situation in Indonesia where the death rate from heart disease is dominant and the location and traffic conditions, especially in large cities. Technically, the system is composed of the ECG signal measurement module that is connected to a management information system in emergencies through digital data communication devices.

These systems have the ability to: (1) receive and delegate assignments ambulance units as reported cases of emergency admission, (2). facilitate communication between doctors at the referral hospital with the paramedics on the location of the patient (3). communicate the ECG signal measured in the ambulance online to doctors in hospitals, (4) to monitor the physical movements of the ambulance on the highway. The test bed will be conducted in Greater Jakarta. A sustainable business model for service telemedicine system has been designed in cooperation with third parties; as well as further system development framework in order to overshadow the management functions of a medical emergency wider in the future.

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