B4: Regenerative Medicine II


Praveenkumar Natarajan

Stanley Medical College, India

Regenerative medicine as translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology holds the potential for enhancing organ function, repairing or replacing damaged organ and realizing regeneration of deteriorated organs and tissues. Regenerative medicine and biomimetic drug delivery has together have accelerated medical advancements and reformation. 3D biomimetic modeling in fields like cellmaterial interactions, tissue and organ manufacturing, anti-cancer drug delivery methods, and bioactive agent carrier systems has made astounding strides of development. The need for developing new ways to treat and manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, degenerative nerve, bone and joint conditions and heart failure has long been felt. Research and technological advancements in recent times are bringing regenerative medicines closer to reality. Regenerative medicine promises definitive, affordable health care solutions that heal the body from within. Stem cells, including adult and embryonic stem cells form a key component of regenerative medicine and Progenitor cells like umbilical cord blood and bioengineered cells i.e., induced pluripotent stem cells form promising study area. Engineering terminally differentiated and highly specialized cells i.e., rejuvenation, using healthy cells, tissues or organs from a living / deceased donor to replace damaged ones in a subject i.e., replacement, delivering specific types of cells or cell products to diseased tissues or organs, where they eventually restore the normal functioning of tissue and organ i.e., regeneration are crucial in Regenerative Medicine. The present review discusses the strategies and the contemporary developments of regenerative medicines in Indian subcontinent. It further attempts to delineate the constraints of the regenerative medicine that warrants special attention to realize full potential of the field.

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