A3: Wearable Devices


Chaitanya Nair1, Sharmila Jayakkumar1, Edwin Chong2, Chen Hua Yeow1

1National University of Singapore, Singapore;
2Singapore Sports Institute, Singapore

Anxiety, a commonly occurring state of emotion in man, has been brought to attention by the scientific world today with finding new methods in battling stress given the foremost priority where electroencephalography (EEG) being one of the most recommended biomedical tests to monitor human emotions is currently in its advanced stage of research.In this work, we would like to share our findings about the cutting-edge hardware design proposed for stress monitoring and its alleviation in air-rifle shooters by recording the electrical activity of the brain followed by determining the mental state of the athlete from the readings obtained. A feedbackbased network has then been implemented for the sole purpose of stress mitigation depending on the amplitude values, where a pair of vibrating motors has been used as a therapeutic measure. The newly devised EEG-based sports headband, comprises of a custom-made EEG sensor and a vibration motor circuit both driven on an Arduino-supported platform. The frontal lobe electrodes is responsible for picking brain signals which as a result are sensed and processed by the sensor circuit. The Arduino board, responsible for reading the sensor data, displays the data on a monitor screen wirelessly through a Bluetooth mode of communication where an RGB light emitting diode ingrained in the device serves as an indicator of signs of anxiety in the shooter. The motors, placed on either side of the head, precisely above the ears, simultaneously respond to the analog data from the sensor by vibrating in a smoother fashion every time when the amplitude values exceed the threshold limit set in advance thus helping the shooter relax during the shooting trials and promising a higher performance.

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