A2: Assistive Technology & Wearable Devices


Chandan Kumar1, Sanjay Saxsena2, Sanjay Kumar Rai1

1Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, India;
2International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar, India

Several methods have been tried to seize ambient energy, one of the most efficient and widespread ways is vibration source. Power harvesters built on the piezoelectric effect are more favorable in harvesting energy from ambient vibration.

A piezoelectric energy harvesting system broadly includes: a transducer to convert Kinetic energy to the electrical energy and an electrical circuit to manage this energy. An approach to energy recovery from mechanical vibrations is presented in this paper. PVDF/rGO cantilever has been used for the mechanical impact and frequency up-conversion. The PVDF/rGO cantilever operates in the low-frequency range (15 Hz-40 Hz), which converts it to highfrequency vibration on the mechanical impact. This frequency conversion increased the -3dB bandwidth and the output increased in a considerable way within the operating frequency as well. An efficient rectifier circuit to harness the power is shown and a better electromechanical coupling are being achieved.

The proposed setup can be worn on the ankle and has the potential to power small portable devices from originated from human motion.

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