A1: Micro / Nano Biomedical Devices & System


Abkar Sayad, Fatimah Ibrahim, Thong Kwai Lin


University of Malaya, Malaysia

Foodborne bacterium is a drastic threat to society, business sectors and individuals and need to be put at high level alert. Conventional methods of foodborne pathogen detection are costly, time consuming and labor intensive. Therefore, to prevent foodborne outbreaks and ensure food safety, a cheap, portable, and easy-to-use microfluidic devices are strongly required. This paper presents a rapid multiplex pathogen detection using Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) on centrifugal microfluidic compact disc (CD). LAMP amplification and pathogen detection are instantaneously integrated on this developed microfluidic CD. E.coli, Vibrio and Salmonella bacteria were targeted in this work and the DNA extraction was performed manually off-chip. The temperature for the DNA amplification on the microfluidic CD was generated by a small, cheap and easy-to-use hot air gun resulting in system miniaturization. The whole process started with loading LAMP reagent and samples into the microfluidic CD and then DNA amplification for 1 hour at 63ºC. Lastly, SYBR Green 1was used as detection reagent and to visualize the results. The results show that SYBR Green 1’s color changes from orange color to yellowish green which indicate positive results, while the orange color remain orange as indication of negative results. All the process from sample loading to detection were automated on the disc offering a rapid and automated diagnostic platform. Therefore, reducing the time, manual steps, expensive operated equipment, results in reducing manpower and make this system accessible and affordable to poor source limited setting

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