A1: Micro / Nano Biomedical Devices & System


Fan-Gang Tseng1

1National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan RAS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


This study introduces a combinatory assay platform that allows high-thr  oughput but low-drug-dosage screening of five anti-cancer drugs as a cocktail for personalized cancer treatment. Photosensitive PEGDA hydrogel is employed for drug dosage definition through drop array formation and selective UV crosslinking process. The finally defined cocktail drugs in hydrogel will be directly released in parallel when combined with cell chips. Combinatory drugs have been reported to have higher efficacy and lower individual drug dosage need in treating various diseases including cancers. However, the major issues of anti-cancer drug combinatory tests are the high drug cost owning to considerable volume wasting from manually pipetting process and limitation of dynamic range. In this abstract, we develop a combinatory drug assay platform for cocktail drug testing by employing UV crosslinked PEGDA hydrogel droplets to precisely release various cocktail ingredients from 5 anticancer drugs for in-parallel drug testing on cancer cells.  The platform incorporated the techniques of drug/hydrogel micro-droplets self-formation and UV selective curing the desired dosage for testing, which is bio-compatible with high dynamic range for cocktail drug selection.  The releasing rate of 3 different drugs carried by the same PEGDA hydrogels in 30 second was tested, and demonstrated a similar releasing rate with about 15% reduction for the drug with the largest molecule. The drug releasing time constants can also be engineered by adjusting the curing conditions of hydrogels to be ranging from 30 second to 5.5 hours for 80% drug releasing, which will be beneficial to controlled drug releasing test for different time paces amount 5 drugs. This device is capable to combine 5 drugs with 1000 folds dynamic range in 30 second with low drug consumption for in-parallel cocktail screening process.

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